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Hungry Hyaena

It's a step in the right direction, but the issue for most vegetarians is an ethical/moral one, and killing the animal, no matter how it is done, poses a problem for many.

Of course, I am an exception, since I will eat fish, deer or ducks I hunt and clean myself. I do this less and less, though, and I still couldn't rationalize buying meat, no matter the source or the care, because the industry is responsible for massive environmental destruction and these problems are only exacerbated by providing "more room to roam."

Some vegetarians may find it an attractive option, but vegetarians who are concerned about biodiversity, ecological integrity and international human rights should not be assuaged.


You bring up really interesting points, and I appreciate the subtleties you bring to the issue. However, some people can't focus on so many battles at once -- it tends to paralyze. The certified humane program is for people concerned about a very immediate, tangible problem-- the unnecessary suffering of animals. Just as we tend to put everything else on hold when humans are in immediate danger, this project treats animals the same way.


Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for your comment.

I'm sorry of you misunderstood the humour of my post. As a one who does not eat meat and believes in animal rights the post was what it was...an attempt at humour in a situation of frustration.


Good. A step in the right direction. But I noticed that the stores listed that I looked at only carried MEAT with the certified humane label. As a vegetarian, I would like to buy dairy products and eggs taken from animals treated humanely.


Q - Any opinions about consuming veggie dogs, veggie burgers, etc.? While the quantitative injury to animals is clearly less or non-existent with consuming these items, the obvious intent of the ersatz meats is to simulate the joy of eating meat – kind of like lusting in your heart. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether eating such products is wrong, given the intent that exists to eat animals while eating these kinds of food products?


Since many vegetarians grew up eating meat, they probably are still attracted to the meat smell and taste. With veggie hot dogs and sausages, though,I think that the spices used in the veggie ones are the same as those in the meat, and that is really what people enjoy. The only question is, once a vegetarian eats veggie burger, etc., is he more likely to eat a real burger on the sly?

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