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Remember that there are laws that protect animals: one can even be arrested for abusing (at least certain) animals. Notice the public outcry in well-publicized cases against those who abuse dogs.


Because fox fur is so commonly used on the collars of clothing that is not expensive, many who buy items, such as jackets, with a bit of fur are not thinking that their purchase is harming animals.

Hungry Hyaena

Terrific post, Sara!

While I'm not sure if 9/11 led directly to more flagrant abuses of our animal brethren, your musings on the notion are very satisfying.

Personally, I feel that the often negative reaction animal rights provokes is a result of the extreme fringe figures and the popular media. The "terrorist" acts are played up in the press at the expense of the sensible voices associated with the movement.

As for Coperican models and animal rights, I believe the situation more nuanced. It is one thing to claim dominion in order to make a fur coat, but quite another to exterminate zebra mussels from the great lakes to conserve biodiversity. Both are examples of our human urge to control, but one is motivated only by self-interest, the other a commitment to stewardship.


Hmm... Animals aside, the "Copernican" model of the universe is heliocentric. You're probably thinking of the Ptolemaic model. Sorry to be pedantic, but you know I can't help it.

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