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Hungry Hyaena

Terrific! Once more "conservative" voices are raised, animal rights will not be considered a frivolous, "leftist" cause.


What do you mean by "conservative animal rights activist"? Do you mean a person who believes animals should have certain, limited rights? Or do you mean a person who is a political conservative (e.g., a Republican) and also is concerned about animal rights? If he is a Republican, what are his views on humans' right to adequate health care, etc.?



An example of one of many stores and websites selling luxuries for pet dogs. Can you imagine a pig with an angora sweater or a chicken wearing a diamond collar? If only this money could be channeled to protecting the rights of less indulged animals -- or to feeding hungry people.


I agree. Scully’s style is definitely good for the movement. What I find just as disturbing as eating animals, wearing animals and using their suffering and death as entertainment, is the number of animals that end up as “roadkill” http://www.culturechange.org/issue8/roadkill.htm


Ellie - the images are priceless - a pig with an Andorra sweater - a chicken with a diamond necklace. I'd love to see it, provided that people did not actually buy these items for the animals. Perhaps that is how we may appear to advanced extraterrestrials.

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