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The U.S. would be making a moral statement by banning fur farming, but there is a world market for fur, and, as in England, American designers could buy fur abroad. And fur farming may be important to the economies of some nations, so it might not be easy to influence them.
Another question: Does England still allow the cruel sport of fox hunting?

Tj Marbois

One thing to consider would be the coming - biotech alternatives to animal cruelty...


Perphaps by pushing more funding towards this kind of solution - we can save our animal friends from harm?

Hungry Hyaena

The UK and much of Europe is at least a decade "ahead" of the United States in regards to animal rights and progressive environmentalism. In some cases, their eager-beaver approach has resulted in over-extension, but by-and-large, the EU puts the United States to shame.

Fox hunting was officially banned last year, but many members of the British aristocracy are still hunting in an effort to protest the decision. All hunting can be called cruel, but fox hunting is more about the dogs and the riders having fun at the expense of the fox.

As for the bioengineered meats: I'm all for it, even though I probably wouldn't eat much if any of it. It will take years before this is available, though.

tj Marbois

Id say bioengineered 'leather' could be no more than 1-2yrs away - if there was a real financial push towards it...as could be bioengineered 'woods' and many other tissue engineered technologies.

Save the forests while were at it...

All of our 'hypothetical' technologies are always 'years' away when there is no real financial or moral desire to get there. Where there is a will - there is a way...remember how we got to the moon?

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